Making Meals a plenty in 2020

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Sculpt Personal Training have teamed up with to delve into the world of meal delivery services and if like me, you find this a great time saving, portion controlling, healthy balanced way of eating, then you will be interested in the awesome in-depth review of the different meal delivery services out there brought to you by our buddies at

3 Tips for Meal Delivery Services

While cooking can be relaxing and even therapeutic, not everyone has the time, energy or know-how to create a delicious home-cooked meal every day. If you’ve found yourself thinking about doing meal prep for the week or even surprising your family or friends with a lovely dinner but don’t know where to start or how to go about it, meal delivery services could be an option for you.

Meal kits are incredibly varied and can cater to different nutritional needs and even cooking skill levels. If you’re considering one of these services, though, there are three things to keep in mind:

Portioned Control

This is a challenging aspect if you are not use to controlled portion sizes. Meal delivery services tend to serve strict portioned meal sizes that follow recommended nutritional portions. It might take a few days to get use to, but this is a good way to approach food if you’re looking to eat a nutritious and well-balanced meal. It also just so happens that portion control is one of the main reasons obesity is on the rise in the UK and beyond. Eating too much food causes an excess of calories that our bodies store as fat and therefore if you are looking to lose weight, meal delivery services is a great place to start for this very reason. This is also why our clients have had amazing weight loss results with our own 50g Eating Plan as one of the fundamental pillars of our plan is portion control.

No Snacks

Most companies specialise in breakfast, lunch, and dinner options only, so you still have to hit the supermarket if you want additional fruits or veggies to snack on.

Any Allergies?

A lot of meal delivery companies give you a list of all the ingredients in their kits and even allow you to eliminate ingredients you might be allergic to or have chosen not to consume. However, as these meal kits are packaged in the same facility, there's still a possibility of cross-contamination. Please make sure you call the meal delivery services’ customer service for specific allergy questions.

I recently came across a comprehensive review of different meal delivery services. The writers looked at things like convenience, shipping and delivery, cost, quality of ingredients, and variety when evaluating popular meal delivery options. The actual company reviews are short and to the point, so you get the most important details like type of service, sample menu options, and special dietary options. It's worth a read if you want to find out more about specific services.

Bon appetit!


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