Hormone Health - Final Frontier to Fat Loss

In an era of digitalisation, fast foods, social media and reality TV, we have been sold this idea of a weight loss quick fix, and more often than not, a quick fix isn’t a fix at all.

One of these, is the myth of magical weight loss. A scam we seem to fall victim to time and time again. This dream of a quick solution to our weight loss problems.

Drink this pill, take our tea or cut out calories altogether in the hope of achieving the bodies we are bombarded with on mediocre reality TV and social media messages.

The truth is, there is no quick fix to weight loss, but there are effective ways of achieving aggressive, sustainable, weight loss in a healthy and safe environment. One of these is by understanding what hormones have the most significant impact on our bodies and how we can use these to promote healthy weight loss instead of stifling it.

The 3 Hormones with the largest effect on our bodies ability to lose weight are Cortisol, Leptin and Ghrelin. The foodie hormones.

Cortisol – The Stressful Cousin.

Although Cortisol has several functions within the body, the functions we are going to focus on are stress and fat storage. Cortisol is our stress hormone as well as the hormone responsible for belly fat storage. The irony is, the more stressed we are, the more we crave sugar and when we eat sugar, it all gets stored as the wobbly stuff on our bellies also known as the spare tyre.

To combat the effects of Cortisol we take a two pronged approach. Firstly, testosterone is the number one inhibitor of cortisol production and when we exercise, especially weight based training, our testosterone spikes (including in women). This in turn inhibits the production of cortisol and therefore decreases our cortisol levels. This is one of the main reasons why we feel less stressed after exercise.

The second approach is drinking green tea. Studies have shown that green tea also inhibits the production of cortisol so drinking at least 3 cups per day actively helps us combat belly fat storage and stress. Green Tea is also a thermogenic which means it elevates our basal metabolic rate which means more calories burned. The more we burn, the more likely we are to burn it from fat.

Leptin – The “Are we there yet” Hormone.

You know when you eating food you really like and that little voice tells you to “Put that last slice of pizza down” but you eat it anyway.

That little voice that is telling you to put it down is also the voice that tells your body when you are full. That’s right, Leptin is your “I’m full” hormone.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, we have been ignoring that “voice” for far too long now that we don’t even hear it anymore. In my opinion, one of the reasons obesity has ballooned over the past decade is because we have learned to ignore our Leptin response and in doing so, we overeat and under achieve.

Inevitably when we ignore that voice, we regret it almost instantaneously until the next time. Don’t be a clown, put the food down!!

Ghrelin – The “weight loss killer” hormone.

Ever hear someone claim that they are starving? Without fail this remark is met with you thinking “You don’t know what starving is, African kids are starving.”

Well, the hormone responsible for that statement is Ghrelin. Not the starving African children statement, the other one.

Ghrelin is the number one enemy to any weight loss plan because if you go shopping when your Ghrelin levels are high, so is your food bill and the amount of sugar purchased.

But all is not lost. High protein meals will help manage your Ghrelin levels as well as eating regular smaller meals. If you keep your body fed, your Ghrelin levels will behave themselves and with this, your urge to eat sugary junk will all but disappear. Studies have also shown direct links between increased Ghrelin production and a women’s menstrual cycle which explains the cravings for sugar in some.

The truth of the matter is, is that there is no quick fix to fitness or having the body you want. If you keep on eating responsibly, drinking in moderation and training consistently, you will get there, this I promise you.

Always be weary of someone selling you a quick fix weight loss solution! If you want a sustainable weight loss training and eating program, why not get in touch for a complimentary taster session and we can discuss eating, exercise and most of all, how to enjoy them both.