Weight Loss Winners of Hertford

What makes Sculpt personal training so fundamentally different from all the other personal trainers in Hertford, Ware and Welwyn Garden City is a question I get regularly when meeting a new client and this is a very valid question. All you need to do is put "personal trainer near me" in Google and it will spit out a plethora of personal trainers claiming that they are the best. Problem is, many of them actually believe this. My answer however, is always the same and based on fact

The truth is, is that there are several fundamental differences between us and all the other personal trainers out there, but here are a few that really resonate why we are the clear choice.

1) Mindset before Muscle:

With the application of several advanced NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) techniques, we concentrate on changing our clients' negative perception of exercise and training. One of the fundamental changes we focus on, is getting our clients to look at training as something they WANT to do instead of something they feel they HAVE to do.

2) Measure, Monitor, Progress and Persevere:

How do you know how well you've done, if you don't know where you started? You will be amazed how many personal trainers in Hertford not only don't offer body composition testing, or know how to do it. We measure and monitor every one of our clients' progress via body composition testing including body fat percentage, muscle mass index, hydration levels, bone mass density, visceral fat, metabolic age and basal metabolic rate acceleration. This is all then displayed on our clients' individual, password protected web page where they can visually track their progress via interactive graphs and measurement sheets. This is a great motivational tool for our clients as they can see how well they are doing.

3) Training and Gaining (Knowledge):

As all our clients will tell you, we don't merely advise you how to train or what to eat, but explain why we do the things we do and why you should eat the food we recommend. Only once you have an understanding of why, then you can implement this knowledge to accelerate your personal progress with regards to training, eating and many other aspects of your life. We encourage all our clients to make the time they spend outside of gym as conducive to their training as possible and the results, well, they speak for themselves.

4) 100% Success Rate:

Each and every one of our clients that has taken what we have said on board and applied this training and nutrition knowledge, in conjunction with their training with us, has hit their training goals. Not only that, but have gone on to achieve even more. Rebecca Clarke followed one of our weight loss diet plans and lost 7kg (1stn) of fat, not weight, pure fat and built 5kg of good, clean, lean muscle in only 4 weeks. Lauren Jenkin had similar results with a reduction in body fat of 5kg in 4 weeks whilst increasing her lean muscle mass by 5kg in the same period, both dropping not 1, but 2 dress sizes in this time. These are only a few examples of the outstanding results we deliver.

5) One size does NOT fit all:

Many other personal trainers and personal training companies will lay claim that they have a personal approach to training, only to then slap their potential clients with a "Take it or leave it" pricing plan. Although we take several factors into account when designing a bespoke training package, one of the main factors we consider is their budget. Personal training should be a facilitator of stress relief, not the cause thereof and therefore we ensure that every training package we design ensures that our clients get the most training for their budget, without putting pressure on their financial situation. Again, training should ALWAYS be fun, and if it's putting you under financial pressure, no enjoyment will ever be had.

6) Jack of all trades, master of none!

Although we have been transforming bodies and lives for the better for the best part of a decade, we have always specialised and focused on fat reduction. We have become somewhat of an expert in this field. Although for most people this translates to weight loss, we have been helping people lose weight and lose weight fast for most or our training career. We would also like highlight that although most personal trainers will sell "weight loss", we concentrate on the true measure of training success. Ensuring your body fat percentage and visceral fat (dangerous fat around the organs) decreases whilst your healthy lean muscle mass increases. Most personal trainers will only ever weigh you, but this is not a true measure of success as the majority of the time, the weight you lose is muscle and water. This is where we are fundamentally different and very proud of this fact.

These are merely a few of the many reasons why we are not only different from all the other personal trainers in Hertfordshire, but decisively better and we would relish at the opportunity to show you first hand that this is true. To book your complimentary PT Experience session, please click here