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Personal training is more than just exercise and nutrition, it's about relationships based on mutual respect, challenges and achievement.


I sculpt my life around two fundamental mantras. The first, “If you don’t hurt yourself, you’re not playing hard enough” and the second, “Never accept anyone telling you that you’re not good enough or that something isn’t possible.”  


In the past 40 awesome years that I have been on the planet, I have travelled far, have loved many, hated few, seen the birth of my amazing son and have helped severely unhappy people transform their lives by transforming their bodies, and the way they see themselves.  


I have had my faith restored in the human race simply by witnessing the tenacity of some of my clients that have overcome so much to achieve so much more.


I have always had a passion for being active. Originally from an extreme sports background including Surfing, MotoX, Snowboarding and MMA, I love being on the move, normally at very high speeds. I want to help people find their passion by making them aware of how amazing they can truly be.



  • Level 3 R.E.P.S Advanced Personal Trainer

  • Weight Loss Specialist Trainer

  • Hypoxic Weight Loss Instructor

  • Master Kettlebell Instructor

  • MMA Conditioning Coach

  • Zumba Instructor

  • PowerPlate Instructor

  • Military Physical Performance Specialist

  • Insanity Trainer

  • Pad Work Coach

  • Fighting Fitness Instructor

I also hold my own Public Liability Insurance Policy and am fully insured to train.